Richmond Berks Death, Now 100% fraud investment company

richmond berk is 100% scam

Hi friends today i have bad news. maybe you have heard about Richmond Berks, ( perhaps you know it beforehand. It was an international online investment reputed company and per day, more than 1000 people were joining from more than 100 countries in it by investing their money to earn huge profits, meanwhile, it was a believable company in the world but now dead company. 100% fraud. see image below:

Also, i was watching its activities from online and their members joining in it and I was surprising seeing more then members are joining from many countries. But i was scaring already about such kind of company. This company became reputed in very short time in the world in online marketing. Now many many people are crying because some of them have lost up to 10,000 dollars. shit! look at next image below;


This fraud company has collected around 1899,11646$ amount from worldwide members. check down what their members say;


dear readers, be careful from online investment when i found this reports about richmond berks company it shocked me so much. I can’t explain it here. Today many people from the world are uncontrolled in their life because of lost invested money in RM berks. fortunately, I am saved to losing money. Also look at the image below from Japanise clients.


Note; For more details or complaints from many members click on it. sorry friend for bad news. Have a good day.


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