religious places of Nepal

religious places

Today, I am going to tell you about my visit to “religious places” in the past and this is located in Nepal. Here, I have mentioned all this of my life experiences. Maybe it will be interesting you, too. Please have a read it below slowly for information and knowledge.

We know that people visit many religious places in the world. The famous places of religious importance, historical importance, cultural importance and naturally beautiful places are normally visited. We also visit modern towns. We can get entertainment, knowledge, and self-satisfaction from visiting places.

Last year, we visited Janakpur, a famous religious place of our country and also it is called religious tourism. We went there by bus. When our bus arrived at Janakpur, we got off it and went to the Ram-Janaki Temple and there were many religious pictures. We saw many devotees going there. We saw many hermits with long matted hair and a long beard. Some people were going there performing religious dances and chanting religious songs: Bhajan- Kirtana. We saw many devotees having holy dips in the sacred ponds.

It was our family pilgrim place. Our father who strongly believes in religion was our director. As we arrived at a sacred pond, he ordered us to have a holy bath, and we did it. After having the holy bath, we went to the market and bought some sweets and flowers. As we were pilgrims, we offered the sweets, flowers, and coins to the temple.  Then we worshiped all the gods and goddesses moving temple to temple. I realized the Ram-Janaki temple is very attractive, richly ornamented and artistic. The neatly tended beautiful garden in front of Ram-Janaki Vivaha Mandap is really eye-catching. We wanted to take a photograph but photography was not allowed at that time. Then, we went to the market, had some light snacks, got on the bus and started our journey to Kathmandu.

I have realized that my vision has been widened and broadened by that pilgrimage. I really entertained it. It is good to visit our famous places of cultural, historical and religious significance. I think our cultural heritages are our identification and dignity. If you like to visit, you can come from any place of the world or write us for more details we will guide you very well. Thank you for visiting here.

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