Power of prayer

power of prayer

Do you know the power of prayer? What is prayer? What to pray for? And more things are wrought by prayer than this world dream of. For you knowledge and benefits, please read well in the following statements. Surely it will be blessed for your spiritual and physical life.

Ok, let’s start to move ahead. Tennyson the most famous poet of the Victorian period in England has said, “More things are wrought by prayer, than this world dream of.” On the surface of it, this assertion may seem a hyperbole, being an exaggerated statement. The materialists, in particular, have no faith in it and they may even ridicule it or laugh at it.

We must not, however, ignore our great leader of the modern age, Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “As food is indispensable to the body, so is prayer indispensable for the soul,” From these remarks of Mahatma Gandhi we learn that prayer is directly related to the soul. Now we get the key to the importance of the prayer. Whereas material attainment can give us sensual or sensuous pleasure, which is physical or mental in nature spiritual pleasure can be provided through prayer. That is why Mahatma Gandhi also says, “Without prayer, there is no inward peace.”

As a matter of fact all the great scriptures of the world, including the Bible, the Gita, and the Koran lay stress on prayer. When we pray to God, we directly face to face with Him. However, our mind must be clear. It must be properly focused on Him. If our mind is wandering elsewhere in material pursuits or sensual pleasures, then we are only saying our prayers and not doing them. Actually, we should do our prayers. If we can also say them, much better, otherwise to do our prayers can be enough.

The real purpose of prayer is to communicate with God. It is the communication of the soul (Atma) with the Supreme Soul (parmatma), which is, in reality, man’s own higher self.

Prayer can take different forms such as petition intercession adoration and contemplation. These forms are mentioned by M.M.Walia in his book “A Book on Self-Empowerment,” published by Sterling Publishers, New Delhi.

We can say that meditation is also a form of prayer and so is yoga when it is practiced in its spiritual form, as traditionally demanded. The influence of prayer on a person can be discernible in his state of cheerfulness, serenity, sincerity, buoyancy, resourcefulness, limited attachment, high moral sense, humanitarianism, a general sense of love and affection for all, not only human beings but also animals, birds, and plants. Thus a man, who prays, loves the world around though he does not get fully buried in it. He works for the welfare of all selflessly. Self-sacrifice for others must be considered a part of prayer. Some people may pray by repeating the name of God or reading some holy books loudly. Others may do so without opening their lips or within the heat. Whatever form for prayer one may adopt it is a question of faith and sincerity. If one really finds the image of God in others and in everything, one’s love for all, everything and everybody will flow out of oneself naturally. Otherwise, it will be false. A man who prays in the morning and/or evening and indulges in a sinful life the whole day must be considered a hypocrite. One can do justice to oneself and others only by being truthful, honest, and dutiful and true to one’s self. Generosity, philanthropy, sacrifice, mercy and benignity are the result of prayer.

There is no specific time for prayer. Though it may be useful to have a schedule, one can pray at any time. In fact, one should pray all the time while sitting, standing, walking, eating, cooking, working, and even sleeping. That is true prayer. It means being connected to the Supreme Soul every moment of one’s life. Let not a breath go without prayer. A single breath without prayer in the name of God must be considered a waste.

In spite of this, life without good deeds means nothing. Doing good deeds is the best form of prayer, and if good deeds are done, all the rest will follow and there may then even be no need for a formal prayer. If we accept doing well deeds a form of prayer, even an atheist may be deemed to be praying through denying the existence of God.

Also, we have more things of prayers and its benefits in human beings so you can comment in the box and then we will update with many things of prayers and its importance, meaning, eye witnesses, event and so many others according to our lovely readers’ interests in the following days. Be blessed always.


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