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mission vision

Our mission vision is to provide educational information, booklets, notices, events, news, articles, social awareness, educational crisis, and information of new technology and make the readers warning about related to education fraudsters and more.

Our international education is a platform where people will get more things relevant to education all over the world and also it is a representative of educational institutes internationally. An OINEP is connected to all kinds of school, colleges, and universities to bring out real matters to our lovely readers from them. We hope that this platform will be helpful for readers, teachers, writers, philosophers, researchers, and much more by sharing educational knowledge and awareness to give them tiny free education tips from our team, also we will be kept on updating a once in every week.

As we are all from the education background, we can contribute to all levels’ online readers by distributing educational information, researched, events and many things every day from this website. Keep visiting here after close it even in the future.

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