Do you know body and mind? What to meditate on? Do you want to know about meditation? If so I have mentioned below the most important things relevant it. Give your time on reading below for benefits.

Meditation is something of great significance to all of us. In the modern world of hustle and bustle where every moment we are agitated and near death on the roads, in the kitchen and elsewhere, meditation can help us.

In general, we find society friendly on the face but hostile in essence. We know friends to be false and learn this fact when we get a rude shock the moment our best friend stabs us in the back. In spite of all our virtues, hard work and good intentions, including helping others selflessly, we are often criticized, maligned and taken to task. Those who themselves are dishonest, pass the charge on to us simply because they are too clever and they know how to take undue advantage of the nobility, simplicity, and sincerity of a gentleman.

Matatma Mangat Ram Ji Maharaj, a great spiritualist, who lived in the first half of the twentieth century rightly, advises us to donate our time to remembering God, meditation and enjoying spiritual bliss through living alone. He says,

“If one is lucky enough to have some time free from worldly activities, one should devote oneself to meditation. That is one should live alone, speak little, eat little and do a lot of practice of God remembrance. For one’s spiritual progress one should become firm in such service. One should slowly increase such time of freedom from a few hours to days and then to weeks of enjoying spiritual bliss through living alone”.

If we take care and meditate in the right manner taking the guidance of some yoga expert, we can get everlasting peace of mind by Meditation. When all our foolish desires and inundated emotions get calmed down we hear the voice of our own real self which becomes louder and louder and clearer and clearer as our mind becomes freer and freer from impurities. Indeed, a pious life is the gateway to hearing our inner voice.

A man who hears his inner voice is full of love, an overflowing love, and generosity broad and immense. He is ever-ready to help others, as he finds his own self in everybody and in everything. Such things as lust, greed, cunningness, hypocrisy, falsehood, impurity and narrow-mindedness cannot touch him. Such a man, even while doing his work diligently and sincerely, continues hearing his inner voice consistently which guides his way in life and guards him against being misled or going astray at any moment.

Man’s inner voice is the source of all joy, happiness, love, sincerity and truthfulness. There may not be many people with inborn capacity and capability to hear their inner voice. But, there can be some fortunate few who are born into a happy, healthy, spiritually, inclined family where they get the hearing of inner voice spontaneously or as a matter of course. However, in the modern scientific age, great stress is being laid on heredity and the effect of genes. Taking this in view, if transmigration or incarnation is a reality, as many religious people claim, particularly in India, the hearing of the inner voice can be an inborn quality also. But we know that even if this is possible, it is rare if not entirely absent.

It has been seen that in a number of cases in the world where a man was almost supposed to be dead and he suddenly woke up to be alive, he has related experience of Elysian happiness. The scientists and psychologists may dismiss this phenomenon just a psychic experience. But, whether it pertains to reincarnation or not, the fact is that the man felt awfully happy. He had an experience of joy and exultation without having been administered any drug and such an experience cannot, therefore, be dubbed as euphoria. Perhaps the man remained, for a few moments in communion with himself hearing his “inner voice”. That is why he was unprecedentedly happy.

In spite of so much advancement in various fields of science, psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, archaeology, etc., not enough has been explored about the human mind and spirit.

It is well-known to many that our mind comprises three main layers, that is conscious mind, subconscious mind, and unconscious self. The conscious mind manages the body and its function, but the real power of the sub-conscious mind has not been harnessed as yet.

According to a Reiki expert, the sub-conscious self can unfold a host of opportunities for all. Reiki experts and many Indian sages expert in matters of the mind believe that everyone has an aura around him or her which is a potential field of personal energy. It is said that this energy can be utilized to tap opportunities for securing an abundance of five main success factors in life. These factors are money, time, health, knowledge, and peace.

Such is the belief of the Reiki experts. Such a belief is very close to the ancient Indian belief of achieving four important things in life, that is, ‘Dharam’ (duty), ‘arth’ (wealth), ‘kaam’ (purpose) and ‘moksha’ (deliverance or freedom). In any case, it is recognized by psychologists and mind specialist the world over that tapping the in exhaustive energies of the subconscious mind can lead to lasting happiness and overall well-being of a person. It is for this reason that many people in the world, including our own country, are trying to explore the mind and trying to move the people from outward, external world of materialism inwards towards the mind.

In ancient India, much attention was paid to the mind and soul apart from the body. Once again India while bouncing forward even towards material progress is, all the same, trying to move once against towards its old immortal knowledge also. It is rightly said that a person can be dispossessed of his material possessions but nobody can rob him of his mental, intellectual and spiritual attainments. One can make incredible achievements not only in the matter of mind but also in all fields of life just by hearing the inner voice adequately and consistently.

When we are interested in hearing the inner voice, it clearly means that we are spiritual beings and have a fondness for having a communion with the Supreme Soul. That in itself means a lot and needs much explanation which may not be deemed necessary here. However, a great importance is given to “Satsanga” or enlightened company.” The Just as bad company can do much harm, good company can do much good. In the hitopadesha (Wildin’s Introduction), we have: “Men of good or evil birth may be possessed of good qualities; but falling into bad company, they become vicious. Rivers flow with sweet waters, but having joined the ocean they become undrinkable.”

In the Shrimad Bhagavata the lord says: “Neither yoga nor samakhya not righteousness, austerity, study of the Vedas and renunciation, nor pouring oblations into the sacred fire and work of public utility, nor gifts, feasts, worship of gods, muttering observance and the forms of self-abnegation gain me over as does Satsang capture me.”

The Bhakti Movement which spread throughout the country in the middle ages was basically a spiritual movement. The movement gave great importance to the perfect “guru” who alone, it was believed, could guide man on the right path to not only salvation but also on leading a life of truth and righteousness. The realization of God could be done only with the help of the guru. It was during this period that so many great saints of India like Kabir, Guru Nanak, Ravi Das, Tuka Ram, Tulsi Das, Sur Das, Mira Bai, etc. lived and preached their gospel.

The following is an extract from “Bulleh Shah; The Love Intoxicated Iconoclast”

“A perfect master is both man and God. He is a man because he has the human form, but he is also God because he has spiritually become one with Him. This is God’s own design because in no other way can He be realized.  In his abstract form, there can be no contact with God.So, He has to assume the human form to take a man out of darkness into light, out of ignorance into knowledge and out of bondage into freedom. When Bulleh Shah had the vision of God in his master, he blurted out: “The beloved has come as a man!” and “God has come as a man!”

This idea of the greatness of the ‘guru’ is still there in the minds of the common people of India. But only it has transformed itself to fit in the general ideological concept of the modern world. Thus, we have had some of the great modern saints such as Ramakrishna Paramhansa, Sai Baba, Shirdi Baba, Swami Vivekanand, Swami Ram Tirath, Shri Ravi Shankar of Art of Living, Mata Usha, and many others. However, Swami Vivekananda in particular and Swami Ram Tirath and Shri Ravi Shankar, in general, have had a great impact on not only the Indians but also on the International Community. Osho, Acharya Rajneesh still has a large number of disciples all over the world. We cannot and must not compare these and other modern saints with the saints of past ages. All the saints have their peculiarities but we should not say which one is greater than the other. All stand as guides and sentinels of humanity and spirituality. Okey friend, if You want more things about meditation, we will direct you to the right place. Please comment below, we’ll update continues for our lovely readers internationally. Thank you very much.

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