Laser technology (laser tech)

Laser technology

We know that our generation has been impacted by money technologies. However many people are unknown about Laser technology but it should be known by all young generation for their comfortable life. This education is not available in all country, especially in poor countries. Please read the below with relax to get more new ideas about it.

Science and technology have provided us numerous miraculous discoveries and devices. Lasers are its most modern achievements. Lasers are defined as the devices which produce pure and interns beams of light or radiation. They were invented in 1960. At the time of invention, nobody knew what to do with them, but nowadays they are widely used in many sectors tremendously.

Lasers are widely used in the field of industry. They are used in cutting clothes, piercing leather and even hard substances like diamond and metals, and cutting bricks and granite. Similarly, they are also used in welding. They can also be used in transport and communication; for example, they are used instead of cables in telecommunication, and they are used in flight simulations to train pilots thus lasers are enormously used in the field of industry, transport, and communication.

In the field of medicine, lasers have made a revolution. Lasers are used to destroy the single cell of living tissues in the treatment of cancer. Doctors have been using lasers instead of surgical knives in major operations. Similarly, skin blemishes can be removed with the help of lasers. Lasers can help us in pollution control. They are useful for measuring the size of pollutant particles in the air. They can possibly be used to clear up oil slicks on the surface of the seas. They can also be used for measuring the distance between two objects, such as between the moon and the earth. Thus they are used in the field of medicine, pollution control, and measurement. Because of the advantages mentioned above, lasers are completely beneficial.

Unfortunately, lasers can be used as the means of war. It is the misuse of them. They can be mercilessly used to kill human beings; that’s why they are also called death rays. In the war, they are used in guiding missiles and finding a range for gunners. It is the exploitation of lasers, and in this sense, they invite demerits and ruins.

Although lasers can have both advantages and disadvantages, they are miraculous achievements of science and technology. If they are properly used for the construction of human civilization they cannot invite any fatal disasters; but if they are misused, they certainly lead us to failures and destructions. It is wise of human beings not to invite any collision courses of human civilization. Please do not forget to comment below the box. Thank you for visiting here.

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