Importance of computer

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The importance of computer is a wonder of modem science. It is being used and over the world for calculating and performing logic functions. Computers are found in various shapes and sizes.

The use of the computer has become so wide that the age we are living in now has even come to be called as the computer age.

The computer is an electronic calculating machine. It works more or less like the human brain but more quickly. There are no chances of error if we operate it carefully. In the beginning, it was simply a calculating machine doing addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication etc. but, now it helps in so many other ways also. Now, the computer is used in predicting the weather, in finding out the diseases and their treatments, finding and keeping various data and information in factories, banks, schools, and colleges etc.  it helps in educational institutions also for checking the progress of students and in learning the workload of a teacher. It works wonderfully in the field of astronomy and space travel.

In the beginning, it was simply a calculating machine doing additions. Subtraction, division, and multiplication etc. but now it helps in so many ways. The use of the computer is in every field of life.  It has entered almost all our activities. They have occupied an important place in schools and education system as well. They are also used in trades, missiles, and rocket launching, automatic flights, data analysis, forecasting etc.

We have heard about e-mail and the internet. This is the networking of computer all over the world. We can send our messages or letters within a minute to any parts of the world, which would otherwise take weeks or months. Its networking has reduced distances. It can also be used to coordinate activities at different places of a country or the world. It helps us in educational institutions also for checking the progress of the student and in learning.

Computerization has proved very beneficial in terms of cost time, energy and efficiency. In using computers, we have to feed it with data and programs. Then it gives us the answers and information required.

Computers are versatile because they can do one or more types of work at the same time. Computers have an enormous storage capacity of information. They can be stored in the small device. Since the computers perform all sorts of tasks on the basis of numeric calculations and they have no errors in mathematical and logical operations, they are most reliable.

In developed countries, many heavy electronic computers have been discovered. They will control the transport, trade, election and security arrangements.

We are thankful for the invent lessa that computers have modified our lives. Let us look forward what revolution the computer will furnish further in our lives.


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