Hooliganism Government

hooliganism government

chairman Dr. Baburam Bhatrai accused that moist Pushpa kamal Dahal-led center government has been involved in hooliganism or hooliganism government. in election time to new power workers are being attacked by them in many places of the country.

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On Tuesday talking to journalists, he said, this is serious issues by involving the government and the team of government in hooliganism activities and with a such a kind of activities the country can’t be to maintain the rule of law. now all parties are moving actively to wine the many seats from the local election for mayors.

Last Saturday, the workers of moist chairman were attacked to the workers of new power party in Laxmi Bazar, one of the had been released from the police station. Prachanda Pushpa Kamal Dahal is involving to counterrevolutionary activities, said by Baburam Bhattarai. Bhattarai said, “Prachand no hint of different state agencies is trying to overthrow”. in the past, the counter-revolutionary¬†leader now becoming. Even the congress Party, Communist party (Yemale) and counter-revolutionary¬†activities, he is appearing forward than other, I think this is a very serious subject and ingenuity, said Baburam Bhattarai. for more news click here.


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