Cottage industries in Nepal

Cottage industries in Nepal
Cottage industries in Nepal

Today we’ll discuss here few cottage industries of Nepal. Do you know possible industries in Nepal or you want to start any industry or business in Nepal? Few things of business in Nepal which is happening here I want to discuss on this platform. I hope it will make you advantage from the below. Let’s move down with a cup of tea or coffee.

Nepal is an old, developing country with its own artisan’s history. Nepal, being a poor and landlocked country, to set up many factories and industries for the employment of its people is just a dream. Many people are unemployed. It is, therefore, the importance of cottage industries in our country can hardly be exaggerated.

Men make many things out of natural things. They may be made on a small or a large scale. Artisans make these things at home on a small scale. It is called college industry. A small amount is needed for these cottage industries.

There are different types of cottage industries found to have set up in Nepal. Weaving cloth or garment is the most common of all. The other important cottage industries are spinning, cloth printing, embroidering, carpet making, carpentry, carving in wood, stones and metal, pottery, making utensils, basket making, shoe making, making of tools of iron and steel, mat-making, doll making etc.

Although Nepal is a small country there are many hungry mouths here. Most of them live in villages. Most of them live on agriculture. Besides cultivators, there are many artisans. Thus, a large number of people earn their bread by these handicrafts. Few mills and factories cannot meet all the necessities of the people. Hence, there is a great need for these types of industries in Nepal

There is a great value of our handicraft products in the international markets. Many people living in tourist areas depend upon handicraft products. Many foreigners come to Nepal to buy our handloom and ‘handicraft’ products. Our handmade carpet got a great value in the international market. The government has been encouraging these industries. Electricity is now supplying power to the villages. This will be of great help to the artisans for using small machines. However, there are still many problems faced by these industries. Many of them who intend to open up such industries lack finance. The procedure for taking the loan from the bank is still very difficult. People who have no land or house are not given loan in fear of losing them. People lack in scientific techniques due to lack of education and training facilities. So, they don’t have efficiency in the work. Besides, the means of transport has caused a very great hindrance. The market facilities for these products are still very poor.

However, in our five-year plans, great importance has been given to the improvement of the economic condition of the villagers. These industries are given priorities. Artisans are given facilities to get training in different crafts. Banks have been making the procedures of lending loan comfortable. We, therefore, hope that the future of our cottage industries in our country is bright………… Well, you want to know more? If so please write us by mentioning specific topics and we’ll update with the needs of our lovely readers.

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