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Monday, January 22, 2018
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  1. Who we are?

We are oinep or our company team from the different educational field. Most of all are educational and IT background. This team has been joined to help our college and schools' students from the different place with more purposes. Our national and international students can join in our platform for educational purposes. Also, we have a full-time representative of the oinep to connect to national and international government and private educational institutes.

 2. Why we are here?

We want to connect with more from here. And from all over the world can join with our team as well. This is a public our company platform designed for all readers. This site will be representative of the world students for anyone. Do you like our platform or not? whatever you have, please suggest in the box below about us. We will be grateful for your advice to come to exact points. Let's join in it. If you are not clear about us, please follow the available pages from different links.


Abroad Study

Abroad Study



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