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Monday, January 22, 2018
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This page is designed to store all kinds of educational collections. We know all human they do different activities in their life every day. Every people have differed hobby and lifestyle as it is they move ahead in their life. I know you also have a different hobby as i have. I like to study, research, invent, teaching and help to other as well. I am sure that also you have, too as it is with me. Maybe you love to visit new places, dance, some people like to play music and spend much time with it and me too. If you have a business mind, you will be curious on relevant to the subject.  there are billion of people in the world but all they have different thoughts, planning, goals, acts etc. Every people don't have some things, all have different things. so all we do thousands of thousands of different acts in our daily life, we are an amazing human. That's way, we have tried to conclude here more things of human life which happening in their life. Please keep on visiting here if you live our pages. Have a good day.

Cottage industries in Nepal

Business plan

Today, we discuss business plan, how to plan our business successfully national & internationally? I give you some tips here without any cost and...

Most Of The People Prefer this kinds of recipes items

Recipes are the methods of instruction for preparing a particular dishes or foods. We can make more than hundreds of items for breakfast, brunch,...
Holistic medicine

Holistic Medicine

Hi friends, how are you today?  Maybe you surprised on my question because now I am going to describe something about "Holistic Medicine"  that...
Physical education

Physical education

Do you know physical education? I know, you have some knowledge and ideas about it however people don't follow them properly in their daily...
benefits of exercise

Benefits of exercise

Today here, I give you some tips in this section, how can we remain in a healthy life for the whole life? Give time...
himalayan mountains

Himalayan Mountains

We know that there are many famous tourism places in the world. Today I am going to submit some important of worth visiting places...
mount everest

where is mount everest in the world?

1. what to know on this paragraph of mount everest? Here you will learn or get some ideas and information about mount everest because I...
Smoking and Health Problem

Smoking and Health Problem

I have a question for you, do you smoke or not? In human society, people smoke freely with men, women, and youth, as well...
visit nepal

Visit Nepal

After researched event and reports of Nepal, I'm going to explain few things of related topics. If you are interested to know about the...
physical exercise,

Physical Exercise

physical exercise is required for everyone. The people who perform bodily labor do not need extra physical exercised; but the people who perform only...